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  1. Jacuzzi Splot
    ~ 1 month
  2. Yukino Miyazawa
    Off-and-on over 15 months.
  3. Yorick Brown
    1½ weeks
  4. Alfons Heiderich
    ~ 4 months
  5. Tomoe Himura
    Kind of? They lived together, Flonne probably got this to happen more than Laharl.
  6. Kaylee Frye
    Alfons's replacement. Did not last long.
  7. Giselle
    ~ 5 months
  8. Cybil Bennett
    ~ 3 months, assuming until endgame.
  9. Spock
    Starting March 8. Thursdays only.
  10. Anthony J. Crowley
    New recruit~


May. 22nd, 2011 10:43 pm
makainoou: (not spending time with her cuz I want to)
[So a certain demon Overlord and his vassal have obtained one of these PCD things, and the two of them are now peering at it, Laharl closer to the camera with Flonne peering over his shoulder.]

All right, someone tell me where the video games are on this thing.

Is there internet? I want to know if the new Prism Ranger DVD is out!

((And the red is Flonne, of course. =3))