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Canon History

Laharl is the son of King Krichevskoy, the previous Overlord, and Gwen, a human witch. For a very, very short time, they were a happy family. Gwen held the firm belief that demons could love, and she tried to bring up her son to be kind. However, while he was still very young, Laharl contracted a fatal illness. The only cure was the life of someone who loved him, and so his mother took her own life to save him. From that moment on, Laharl began to hate the very idea of love. Love had killed his mother, and taken her away from him.

Almost immediately after Gwen's death, Laharl's grief-stricken father sent him away to live with his uncle Vesuvio and aunt Yasurl. In stark contrast to his mother, Yasurl was a cruel woman who strongly objected to Krichevskoy's marrying a human woman and tainting the royal bloodline, and she abused Laharl for the nearly 100 years he was in her care. He developed both a strong physical aversion to buxom women, and a resistance to poison.

Laharl later returned to his father's castle. It was not a happy reunion. Laharl hated his father both for failing to prevent Gwen from sacrificing herself and for sending him away, and those feelings never subsided. Laharl grew to see his father as weak and undignified, and was determined to be nothing like him.

When Laharl was 1311, Krichevskoy lost his life in sealing away another overlord bent on taking over his Netherworld. Before Laharl could learn of it, he was poisoned by his father's vassal Etna, and fell into a 2-year sleep. When he woke, he wasn't particularly troubled by the news of his father's death, dismissed his unusually long nap, and set about claiming the throne for himself.

His first act was to defeat a contender for the throne going by the name of Vyers Mid-Boss. Unbeknownst to Laharl, Mid-Boss was his father, who was in well enough with the Seraph of Celestia to be able to watch over his son in a new form. He continued to check up on Laharl and the others through the coming months... but with his flamboyant attitude, none of them took him seriously.

Then, Angel Trainee Flonne came to the Netherworld to assassinate the Overlord... That is, Overlord Krichevskoy. Thinking she had come to assassinate him, Laharl insisted on chasing her down. When he revealed that his father was already dead, Flonne actually started crying. Shocked by Laharl's lack of feeling, she decided that she would stay in the Netherworld, and make it her new mission to learn whether or not demons could love. And so, Laharl gained an angel for a vassal.

Laharl continued his efforts to secure the throne, and before long ran into Maderas, the demon who had made Etna poison him. Etna had also betrayed his weaknesses to Maderas, and in attempting to fight him, Laharl was assaulted by sexy women and excessive optimism. But! By closing his eyes and plugging his ears, Laharl was still able to defeat them, and Etna subsequently intimidated Maderas into giving her back the memories he had stolen from her.

Finally, Laharl decided to get it over with and sent an open challenge to all demons contending for the throne so he could face them all at once. After defeating them--including Mid-Boss, the Prism Rangers, and most of his own vassals--Laharl claimed the title of Overlord.

Not long afterwards, he was faced with the disappearance of a number of prinnies from his castle. Prinnies are the souls of human sinners, contained in stuffed penguin-like bodies, who work to atone their sins. On the red moon, those who are ready are cleansed, and leave the Netherworld. Laharl, though, refused to release them from his service, and went after them. But, one of these prinnies convinced him that it was in their best interest to go on to the next life. That prinny turned out to be his own mother, who had atoned for the sin of taking her own life, and Laharl could only watch her go in silence.

As the first real crisis worthy of an Overlord, humans attempted to invade the Netherworld. They sent their hero Captain Gordon first to open the pathway, but Laharl quickly defeated him and made him his vassal. The true invasion force consisted of 2 million space battleships... most of which Laharl destroyed single-handedly, though he allowed their crews to abandon ship first. Only the flagship Gargantua was left, and they boarded it to face General Carter. Just when they thought they had him cornered, a host of angels appeared. Carter was able to escape, leaving Laharl and the others to fight off the angels.

Flonne was shocked by the idea that angels could be involved in the invasion. She made up her mind to return to Celestia and ask the Seraph. Naturally, Laharl wasn't about to let her go alone. He and the others decided to accompany her.

Veles Interlude ([livejournal.com profile] dystopian_flux)

When Laharl stepped through the gateway to Celestia, however, he found himself instead in a city called Veles with nothing but his scarf. From the natives and the other "Gatewalkers," Laharl learned that Veles was apparently the last remaining city in a 1952 Earth devastated by a zombie virus. Laharl had trouble with the place at first--well, okay, he never really let himself adjust, but it was worst in the beginning. He had no vassals, the food was terrible, and the mostly human population was constantly mistaking him for a child. There were several attempts on his life in the first month, but it went downhill from there. Even the few other demons objected to his picking fights. He also learned very quickly that unlike demon women, human women make no sense, and 9 out of 10 of them attempted to hug him or pat his head at some point.

He managed for several months on his own, intimidating various humans into cooking for him and getting what enjoyment he could out of fighting zombies. But the day after his birthday, Flonne showed up. Except that she looked different: she had red eyes and the wings and tail of a demon. She tried to explain that after they'd gone to Celestia, Seraph Lamington had changed her into a fallen angel, and while Laharl accepted the explanation, both her new look and the fact that she remembered things he didn't threw him off, and he pushed her away. They were assigned to the same apartment, but it took him nearly two weeks to agree to let her stay there permanently.

The month after her arrival, Flonne was infected with the zombie virus. There was no cure; ultimately Laharl had no choice but to let Alphonse euthanize her before the worst of the virus set in and killed her. He held her hand as she died. Afterwards, he flew into a rage, and no one was able to get near and burn Flonne's body to prevent her from turning into a zombie. Further, Laharl continued to protect zombie!Flonne from would-be exterminators, and she was able to infect three other people before Jadzia shot her in the head right before his eyes. Laharl nearly killed Jadzia, but managed to stop himself.

Flonne returned from the dead two days later, herself again, to find Laharl still numb from the experience. It took him a little to accept that she was real, and that she was Flonne, but once he did the two of them had a hard time being separate for a while. Laharl wouldn't allow her to enter her old room--and he had thoroughly trashed it in his grief anyway--so he decided to let her sleep on the spare bed in his room, where he could keep an eye on her from his coffin. It was intended as a temporary arrangement, but Flonne never really moved out. Laharl also never stopped being protective of her.

Etna arrived not long after to find the two of them acting a little strangely, but she did help introduce some normalcy. New Year's came, and the natives threw a big party which the trio attended. Flonne wound up dancing with Sora, but Laharl got insanely jealous (without realizing it), and broke them up at the first opportunity. Flonne was upset, and Laharl at last agreed to dance with her over in the corner where Etna and her popcorn no one could see. At midnight, she kissed him on the cheek... and he just sort of went home stunned. He later concluded she must be like those human girls who kiss friends on the cheek.

Dense as he is about emotions, Laharl continued to miss all the signs. Flonne gifted him with her pendant a few days later. She tried to cook for him on several occasions and at last succeeded in making him chocolates for Valentine's Day-- although he hid in his coffin throughout the actual holiday and failed to be properly appreciative that she had made them. So after talking with Etna, Flonne announced she was moving out, much to Laharl's confusion and frustration. Luckily he talked to Lina, who told him Flonne was probably pissed because she liked him and he had blown her off on Valentine's. Following Lina's advice, Laharl went to ask Flonne to move back in. Everything seemed to be going smoothly, until Flonne announced that she really did like him. After a sleepless night and more advice from Lina, the only way Laharl could really deal with it was to assume Flonne's crush could be temporary, and not to think about it too much.

Still, Laharl did start acting marginally nicer to her. He finally started wearing her pendant, and he got Ed to make a robot action figure which he gave her as a belated birthday present. Not that he made anything of it; even Etna did something for Flonne's birthday. After about a month of complete cluelessness, there came a week when the Gate took people's senses away. Laharl was unable to speak, and Flonne couldn't see--and the only way he could really communicate with her was through touch. Something about that, and being able to look at Flonne without her noticing his scrutiny, made him start to wonder about his own feelings. But when he tried talking with Etna about it, the fact that she as a demon would never think of being in a relationship didn't really encourage him.

Things in Veles started to get worse after that. Soldiers raided the apartment and destroyed half the furniture including Laharl's coffin. Rations were cut after tribbles ate everything. The only person willing to spar with Laharl was beaten and jailed. Laharl then found out about an expedition into the tunnels beneath the city and wormed his way into leading one of the groups. Unfortunately before they were able to fully explore, zombies broke out of the underground science lab and they had a fight on their hands.

After things died down from the tunnel expedition, Laharl tried to make up with Flonne for upsetting her prior to the tunnels. With his inability to apologize, it didn't go so well, they wound up arguing, and Flonne accidentally blurted out that she loved him. Laharl had to take a few days to think on that before talking with her, finally realizing that he had to accept it was something he couldn't change. Flonne promised she would do everything in her power to stay by his side, which was reassuring.

It took another two months or so, but at last the remaining Gatewalkers formulated a plan to leave. They waited for the next zombie attack, and then while the natives were busy fending off the undead, they instigated a takeover of key locations. Laharl and Flonne (and later Etna) secured the Temple holding the Gate, while others gained control of the military headquarters and communications tower. After the dust settled, they beat coaxed information out of the surviving former leaders and figured out how to work the Gate. After a year and a half, Laharl was able to go home, taking Flonne and Etna with him.

Return to Celestia and The Netherworld

Laharl finally reached Celestia as he was supposed to, no one even realizing that he had been gone. Together with Flonne and his other vassals, he learned that the Archangel Vulcanus had been plotting to take over all three worlds, and had helped the humans in their attack on the Netherworld. They defeated him, and Vulcanus faced Seraph Lamington's judgement, and was turned into a flower.

Flonne then went before Lamington, knowing she would be punished for harming other angels to reach him. Lamington turned her into a flower, too. Although he had expected this, Laharl didn't know the details of everything that happened. When he couldn't convince Lamington to change her back through words, Laharl grew furious and attacked him. But, he didn't kill him, since that wouldn't help Flonne. Determined to make things go the way they were meant to, and not willing to lose her like he had in Veles, Laharl prepared to sacrifice himself to bring her back...

Thankfully he was stopped by Mid-Boss. Flonne soon returned, as a fallen angel, and Mid-Boss explained that that was Lamington's punishment for her. The spirit of Laharl's mother appeared with Mid-Boss, and together the two of them disappeared into the sky, giving Laharl a hint as to who Mid-Boss actually was.

The group then returned to the Netherworld. Things were weird for Laharl, being the only one who remembered Veles. After roughly a month, though, Flonne came to see him and announced that she was back--she had finally returned from Veles to her own place in the timeline. For Laharl, it was a relief. At least around Flonne, he didn't have to pretend that year and a half had never happened.
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