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♥♥♥♥♥ - Love?
♥♥♥♥ - Friend or family. He may not realize it or say so, but he'll protect you.
♥♥♥ - Vassal or ally. He refuses to call you a friend.
♥♥ - He finds you interesting or useful, for a vassal.
♥ - Tolerable. It's not annoying to talk to you.
- Beneath notice.
♠ - Annoyance. You're some kind of idiot.
♠♠ - Impudent brat. One day he'll make you understand his greatness.
♠♠♠ - Disgust or dislike. He can't stand you.
♠♠♠♠ - Loathing. Just give him an excuse to maim you.
♠♠♠♠♠ - He will murder you on sight.

Flonne[personal profile] ainodatenshi ♥♥♥
Flonne is a Love Freak and views things in a completely different light from Laharl, which doesn't annoy him as much as he claims. In fact, coupled with the fact that she's brave enough to stand up for those beliefs, even against him, it's something he sort of respects. Even with the relatively short time that they've known each other, Laharl has grown used to having her around. She often protests his words and actions, and while he'd claim her frequent disapproval is a good measure for how evil he is, some of it he actually does take to heart. Flonne means a lot to him--he was willing to give his life for her--but you won't hear him mentioning that to anyone.

Valvatorez[personal profile] arcadianvampire
Laharl's new Prinny Instructor.

Terra[personal profile] narsheprincess
Naive but maybe not stupid.

(Adell)[personal profile] vulcanblazer
A little annoying, but seems to understand how things work.

(Stella Argyris)[personal profile] nerveball
Some mousy mage.

(Soma Cruz)[personal profile] notquitedracula
He might not be a total idiot.

(Kururu) ♦ [personal profile] jerkydevil

(Emizel)[personal profile] trademark_skull

(Alastor)[personal profile] superstylishsquid

(Pidonus Marasia)[personal profile] have_hat_will_travel

Priere[personal profile] wannabesaint
Demanding brat.

Troubadour[personal profile] musicalplum
He may actually be more ridiculous than Mid-Boss.

Zetta[personal profile] badassfreakingoverlord
Loud-mouthed talking book.

Mid-Boss[personal profile] beautifulrondo
An annoying demon who's under the delusion that he and Laharl are rivals. Flamboyant and ridiculous, it's hard to take him seriously, and Laharl generally doesn't bother to. Laharl knows there's more to this guy than he lets on, but thinking about it too hard makes him uncomfortable.

Last Updated May 17, 2014.

♦ ♦ ♦

Dropped Characters

(Utau Hoshina)[personal profile] heartfulsong
A human with some backbone.

(Betrayus)[personal profile] betraitorous
Claims to be another Overlord.

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