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♥♥♥♥♥ - Love?
♥♥♥♥ - Friend or family. He may not realize it or say so, but he'll protect you.
♥♥♥ - Vassal or ally. He refuses to call you a friend.
♥♥ - Potential vassal. He finds you interesting or useful.
♥ - Tolerable. It's not annoying to talk to you.
- Beneath notice.
♠ - Annoyance. You're some kind of idiot.
♠♠ - Impudent brat. One day he'll make you understand his greatness.
♠♠♠ - Disgust or dislike. He can't stand you.
♠♠♠♠ - Loathing. Just give him an excuse to maim you.
♠♠♠♠♠ - He will murder you on sight.

Faris Scherwiz :: [personal profile] seablaze
He can be a little annoying sometimes, but he's one of the more sensible people Laharl's met. He actually seems to know how to talk to a demon.

Shiro :: [personal profile] paladaddy
For a priest, he's not quite as annoying as Laharl thought he'd be. He's also raised half-demon kids, which may have made him just a little more perceptive than other people.

(Lloyd Irving) :: [personal profile] redcladidealist -
Some idiot who thinks he's going to stop Laharl from doing bad things.

(Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez) :: [personal profile] jagermeister -
He boasts at being an impressive fighter, and Laharl would like to put that to the test.

Serph :: [personal profile] bufudine -
This guy is so calm it's kind of annoying. The only interesting thing about him is he's willing to eat people to survive.

Yuri Egin :: [personal profile] openminded -
She was able to take Laharl's rudeness mostly in stride. He's not sure what to make of her.

(Naminé) :: [personal profile] chainedpromises -
A girl he was unwittingly paired with for a Valentine's Day blind date. She's way too meek, but at least she doesn't blab about dumb things.

(Demyx) :: [personal profile] ninthserenade -
Faris's friend. Ex-merman, pretty much a wuss.

(Pyunma) :: [personal profile] seaborg -

(Rin Okumura) :: [personal profile] keepsthefire -
A demon who appears to have some power, but is afraid to let it loose. He's cocky in that dumb hero type of way, and Laharl hopes to get a good fight out of him even if he can't get him to go all-out.

(Bro Strider) :: [personal profile] stridercentric -

Clover :: [personal profile] fourleafed -

(Kurloz Makara) :: [personal profile] zipperlips -
A mute who doesn't seem to understand how annoying his inability to communicate is.

The Fashionista :: [personal profile] sylphauxiliatrix -
Fashion reject.

(Vanitas) :: [personal profile] halfhearted -
If he thinks he's so strong, he should put his money where his mouth is.

(Mephisto Pheles) :: [personal profile] pierrotdemonique -
A fashion-challenged demon from another Netherworld. He's pretentious and annoying, and probably couldn't even put up a decent fight.

(Fai D. Flourite) :: [profile] behindmysmile -
He doesn't take fighting seriously enough.

(Fai) :: [personal profile] faiofmisfortune -
Some kid who wants to learn magic, but isn't willing to pay the price.

(Disciple) :: [personal profile] feralfanatic -

(Isaac Morton) :: [personal profile] occultaddiction -

(Amaimon) :: [personal profile] demonicdiabetes -
Some retard.

Pit :: [personal profile] angelicbadass -
Continuing the stereotype of brainless angels.

(Bloom) :: [personal profile] ofthedragonfire -
A ditz who doesn't know how to take a hint.

(Pascal) :: [personal profile] mysterious_groper -
Some annoying blabbermouth.

(Devit) :: [personal profile] onebecametwo -
Radioactive dick.

(Feferi Peixes) :: [personal profile] terribubbly
A brat who insulted Laharl's villain-ness.

(Maka Albarn) :: [profile] badasscutie
A brat of a girl who thinks she knows everything.

(Lysunder the Summoner) :: [personal profile] rebull
An idiot who not only believes in being nice and doing the right thing, but insinuated Laharl does, too.

(Expatriate Darkleer) :: [personal profile] aim_exorable ♠♠
He thinks he knows better than Laharl and has some cause to lecture him, when obviously he doesn't know what he's talking about.

♦ ♦ ♦


Sola :: [personal profile] replicatedcourage ♥♥♥
Sola isn't the brightest or the strongest kid, but he's got nerve, and Laharl likes that. Instead of wasting all his time trying to "correct" Laharl's behavior, Sola will fight back, and they spend most of their time making jabs at each other. Sola can be touchy, making him easy to rile up, but Laharl doesn't always intend to. Sola is one of the few people he can actually enjoy spending time with, and though he calls him a vassal, what they have is closer to the demon version of friendship.

Saber :: [personal profile] pendragon ♥♥♥
A fellow king, or at least a former one, once known as the King Arthur of the legends his mother once told him. She's the hero type, but unlike the more modern heroes he's come across, she treats him with the respect due a villain. He's developed some respect for her in turn, and found himself in a strange circumstance where he wants her around but has no intention of making her his vassal. He's not completely sure how to behave towards someone like that.

Loki Odinson :: [personal profile] trickstering ♥♥
A king from another realm. Although his realm must naturally be the lesser one, Laharl sees Loki almost as an equal. They actually seem in agreement, and he could be an ally.

(Asuka Langley Sohryu) :: [personal profile] antabaka
She's been raised on human ideology, but this girl's got some fight in her. She just has to get past those stupid moral limitations.

(Tohru Honda) :: [personal profile] changingtheflavor -
Laharl's new maid, who took suspiciously little convincing.

(Ruca Milda) :: [personal profile] demonicbookworm -
An almost completely spineless kid who can be bullied into doing work for him.

(Undertaker) :: [personal profile] beautyindeath -
A coffin-maker.

(Kuzutaka Muraki) :: [personal profile] lamorteblanc -
Pretty practical and unsentimental.

(Zack Fair) :: [personal profile] ugly_soldier_dude -

(Kuroh Yatogami) :: [personal profile] housewife_samurai -
Someone else's vassal.

(Renge Houshakuji) :: [personal profile] ukidokiotaku -

Johnny :: [personal profile] not_heavens_adam -
Sola's vampire friend.

Rapunzel :: [personal profile] whatoncewasmine -
Some dumb blonde.

Sophie :: [personal profile] lucentpalisade -
An idiot girl who takes everything literally.

(Gale) :: [personal profile] donotcomprehend -
He's kind of like a robot someone forgot to load any information into.

(Kuro) :: [personal profile] snagglefang -
A nekomata with delusions of morality.

(Ioder Algios Heurassein) :: [personal profile] fortheempire -
He was pretty much useless as a party member.

(Shirley Fennes) :: [personal profile] shirleyhopeful
A woman who made a nuisance of herself trying to be helpful. He's trying to make her cook for him to make up for it.

(Tony Stark) :: [personal profile] rockstark -
Another idiot human who doesn't realize he's an idiot.

(Bulma Briefs) :: [profile] missusbriefs ♠♠
A horrible sexy woman under the insane impression that he's cute. So maybe she actually gave him some useful information, he's not forgiving her.

Updated 8/23/13.
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