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  1. Jacuzzi Splot
    ~ 1 month
  2. Yukino Miyazawa
    Off-and-on over 15 months.
  3. Yorick Brown
    1½ weeks
  4. Alfons Heiderich
    ~ 4 months
  5. Tomoe Himura
    Kind of? They lived together, Flonne probably got this to happen more than Laharl.
  6. Kaylee Frye
    Alfons's replacement. Did not last long.
  7. Giselle
    ~ 5 months
  8. Cybil Bennett
    ~ 3 months, assuming until endgame.
  9. Spock
    Starting March 8. Thursdays only.
  10. Anthony J. Crowley
    New recruit~
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