Mar. 13th, 2016

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Hysteric Kingdom

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Age: 1313

Height: 4'5" (135cm)

Weight: 84lb (38kg)

Race: Half Demon / Half Human

Residence: Overlord's Castle

Notable Inventory

♦ Flonne's Pendant

Powers / Abilities

Magic - Most of his magic is unsurprisingly fire-based, ranging from flaming fists to summoning meteors. He does have some aptitude for learning other elements, including healing spells, but they don't come nearly as easily to him.

Weapons - He is most skilled with and prefers to use gigantic swords, although he's well-versed in the use of most weapons and his own two fists.

Scarfbending - His scarf is basically prehensile, and can form wings to allow him to fly. He can also store things inside of it.

High Defense - He can really take a beating. Stab him, pummel him, shoot him with a mini gun-- he'll probably just come out of it with a few bruises.

Resistance to Poison - The most deadly poisons will just put him to sleep for a while.

Sharp Senses - Laharl is frequently the first to notice anyone approaching, and he's tough to sneak up on. Unless he's sleeping, because he sleeps like a log.


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