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Body and Appearance
1. Describe the character's height and build. Is he heavyset, thin, short, rangy? Tiny. Laharl is 4'5" and weighs 84lbs. He's skinny and most of the meat on him is muscle.

2. How old is he? 1313. He looks 13 at best.

3. Describe his posture. Does he carry himself well or does he slouch? He carries himself with a sense of self-importance. Head held high, shoulders back. He will slouch when seated though. He tends to fold his arms a lot of the time.

4. How is his health? Is he fit or out of shape? Any illnesses or conditions? Any physical disabilities? His health is excellent, though he has no concept of a good diet and will eat junk if left to his own devices. Of course, he generally bothers everyone and their dog to cook for him so he manages.

5. How does he move? Is he clumsy, graceful, tense, fluid? Laharl is generally very aware of his surroundings and isn't clumsy. He's agile in a fight, but can be careless--or rather, he'll take blows because he doesn't expect them to hurt. He usually moves with a casual ease but can be tense around non-demon women since they have a tendency to touch/hug/kiss him.

6. How attractive is this character physically? How does he perceive himself in the mirror? He's adorable, and will probably grow up to be very handsome. He thinks of himself as good-looking, but not "cute" like most people tell him. He's very vain about his hair.

7. Describe his complexion. Dark, light, clear, scarred? He's Caucasian, but a little on the darker side.

8. Describe his hair: color, texture, style. Thick, dark blue hair, cropped a little short of chin-length. It looks spiky but is actually pretty soft. And, of course, there are his two hair antennae which stick back from the top of his head. They'll stick straight up, flatten, or get snarled as his mood changes.

9. What color are his eyes? Red, with slit pupils.

10. Does the character have any other noteworthy features? He has fangs, pointed ears, and tiny red wings that look like tattoos on his back. He doesn't trim his fingernails as short as most guys.

11. What are his chief tension centers? Uh... none really, physically.

12. What is the character's wardrobe like? Casual, dressy, utilitarian? Bright colors, pastels, neutrals? Is it varied, or does he have six of the same suit? He is almost never without his red scarf. He's had it for forever and it may have belonged to his mother. This thing is pretty ragged at the ends but has held up for 1300+ years. It's also fireproof, and he has some control over its movement, as well as using it to fly. He wears a gold choker and a pair of large gold bracelets, and in general likes jewelry. His ears are pierced but he doesn't have any earrings at the moment. He likes bold colors--red, white, gold, black. He almost never wears a shirt, and typically wears a pair of red shorts and sneaker-like shoes. In addition to his typical outfit, he also wears Flonne's pendant, though it's mostly hidden beneath his scarf. The pendant will burn anyone with a wicked heart.

13. Do his clothes fit well? Does he seem comfortable in them? His shorts seem like they're a bit too big for him, and sit a little low on his hips, but he seems perfectly comfortable with that. He wears his scarf loosely, so sometimes it will fall over one shoulder.

14. Does he dress the same on the job as he does in his free time? If not, what are the differences? Uh, well, he's the Overlord. He dresses how he wants, all the time.

15. You knew it was coming: Boxers, briefs or commando? Commando.

1. What does this character's voice sound like? High-pitched, deep, hoarse? He's just barely started puberty, so his voice hasn't changed yet, but it's not high-pitched. There's a growl to it when he's angry.

2. How does he normally speak? Loud, soft, fast, evenly? Does he talk easily, or does he hesitate? When talking normally, Laharl doesn't actually speak that loudly, but he can get very loud when he's angry. His level of ease in speaking depends on the topic--if it's anything to do with love, optimism, or sexy women, he can get to stuttering, mumbling, and generally acting like each word is an ordeal to get out. If he's insulting someone, however, the words come out easy.

3. Does the character have a distinct accent or dialect? Any individual quirks of pronunciation? Any, like, you know, verbal tics? Rude is probably the best description for Laharl's speech patterns. He'll use some slang, but avoids stronger curse words like fuck. He can be well-spoken if he wants to, and doesn't make many grammatical errors beyond the usual ending-in-a-preposition. He speaks English with a primarily American accent, though since it wasn't his first language, his exact accent is really hard to place. He doesn't have a full knowledge of English idioms, but apparently is better than Etna and especially Flonne. In Japanese, he uses language which identifies him as someone in a position of power, is actually more likely to use more formal/traditional words than words borrowed from English/etc, and sometimes uses older verb constructions like "dearu" instead of "da." He refers to himself as "ore-sama." In any language, he will occasionally word things in a way that sounds perverted, without intending to.

4. What language/s does he speak, and with how much fluency? Considering his age, he's something of a polyglot. He's fluent in Japanese and English for sure, and is decent with German. He knows Russian but it's pretty rusty. There's presumably a Demonic language, but it's probably only used in writing and spells and never as a vernacular language. He knows a few other languages, including some of whatever his mother spoke - probably British.

5. Does he switch languages or dialects in certain situations? He'll switch languages if it makes communicating with someone easier, but he'd never learn a new language for anyone. Dialects... not exactly. In extreme situations, like others dying, he's been shown to address God with some respect, but more on the level of an equal. He's used keigo in writing, but only as part of a trap. His aunt may have once conditioned him to speak politely to her, but that's something he'll revert to only when caught off-guard.

6. Is he a good impromptu speaker, or does he have to think about his words? Laharl doesn't think before speaking. That's part of the problem.

7. Is he eloquent or inarticulate? Under what circumstances might this change? Inarticulate when flustered. He's not usually eloquent but typically doesn't have trouble choosing his words.

Mental and Emotional
1. How intelligent is this character? Is he book-smart or street-smart? Laharl is actually pretty smart, he's just lazy and stubborn. He has a mix of book-smarts and street-smarts, but is more likely to rely on brute strength to solve things. Likewise he can use common sense, and has more than Flonne, but will blatantly ignore it at times.

2. Does he think on his feet, or does he need time to deliberate? He will think on his feet, but doesn't necessarily come to the right decisions or conclusions. There are also times when he will claim to decide on something but spend much longer thinking about it before making a real decision.

3. Describe the character's thought process. Is he more logical, or more intuitive? Idealistic or practical? Laharl is logical and practical, but the problem with his logic is that he almost never takes anyone's feelings into consideration. Also a lot of things that seem logical or practical to a demon just aren't in human society.

4. What kind of education has the character had? He would have learned from his parents for his first few years, until his mother died. Afterwards he stayed with his aunt... who if she saw fit to teach him anything would have been very cruel about it. Once he returned home, he probably learnt chiefly from his father's vassals. The use of weapons would have been a big part of his education, but he also has a broad vocabulary and of course knowledge of the various areas of the Netherworld.

5. What are his areas of expertise? What, if anything, is he interested in learning more about? Fighting, hands down. He's proficient with nearly any weapon, but has a strong preference for swords. He knows a lot of powerful spells he probably skipped the lower level crap, with an emphasis on fire spells. He's also good at math, though he's only likely to bother if money is involved. For a demon, he has a decent knowledge of human history and geography, but is most likely to remember wars. He can play the guitar, and has a decent singing voice. He has excellent penmanship.

6. Is he an introvert or an extrovert? An extrovert. He'd never admit it, but he likes being around people. Mostly to bug the hell out of them. In general he has abandonment issues and becomes depressed if left alone for long periods of time.

7. Describe the character's temperament. Is he even-tempered or does he have mood swings? Cheerful or melancholy? Laid-back or driven? He has an incredibly quick temper, and can be driven into a rage if you deliberately push his buttons, which is not hard. His default disposition is grumpy, but he does have his good moods. He enjoys a good fight and a good meal and, though he'd never admit it, certain people's company. He'll sometimes still act grumpy even if he is in a good mood.

8. How does he respond to new people or situations? Is he suspicious, relaxed, timid, enthusiastic? His response to new people is usually something like "Cook for me" or "Be my vassal." He'll attempt to dominate them in some way, and starts off with a pretty low opinion of most everyone. New situations usually piss him off or make him uncomfortable.

9. Is he more likely to act, or to react? React. He's usually too lazy to initate things.

10. Which is his default: fight or flight? Fight, except in the case of sexy women or heart-covered furniture.

11. Describe the character's sense of humor. Does he appreciate jokes? Puns? Gallows humor? Bathroom humor? Pranks? He enjoys humor which in some way puts other people down. Taunts, insults, pranks, etc. But he doesn't like it when they're directed at him, unless possibly it's Etna, with whom he's comfortable bantering.

12. Does the character have any diagnosable mental disorders? If yes, how does he deal with them? Oh, I'm sure he could be diagnosed with something.

13. What moments in this character's life have defined him as a person? The death of his mother. She sacrificed herself so that he could live, and the only way he could come to terms with it at all was to hate the emotion which led her to do it. It's caused him to deny his own ability to love, and to define all his relationships in terms of usefulness. His refusal to recognize love has led to some huge gaps in his understanding of why people do what they do, including himself. It also made him a pretty cruel person, to the point where he would take a life, and quite probably he has in the past.

Meeting Flonne has had quite the opposite effect on him. She's slowly but surely healing the trauma of his mother's death and getting him to open up again.

Becoming the Overlord has also had Etna pushing him to become more responsible. Baby steps there.

14. What does he fear? Loss. He can't stand the idea of anyone he cares about leaving him, which is why he has a strong tendency to be possessive of people. Serious illnesses also make him uncomfortable, regardless of who's sick.

15. What are his hopes or aspirations? To be Overlord (check), and to be a better Overlord than his father (...not there yet).

16. What is something he doesn't want anyone to find out about him? He really does care about people, and he's kind of falling for Flonne. ...although he doesn't know that himself, but he wouldn't want anyone else knowing about it either.

1. Describe this character's relationship with his parents. Oh boy. His mother... He has a lot of respect for his mother, and she's the only person he will admit to himself that he's ever loved. She tried to teach him about the importance of love and kindness, and scolded him when he did anything bad, and for the most part, back then, he was a decent little kid. But then he got sick, and she sacrificed her life for his. His opinion of her hasn't changed, but he doesn't recognize any of her beliefs, since he decided those are what killed her.

His feelings for his father are the complete opposite. Again it was probably different when his mother was still alive, but since then Laharl's always claimed to hate his father. And, for the most part, he's being honest about that; after all, King Krichevskoy, the most powerful demon in the Netherworld, wound up being powerless to stop his wife from killing herself. Laharl views his father as having been weak, and prone to stupid eccentricities like actually buying that love crap. They never really got along, and Laharl wasn't too shaken up when he learned his father had died. What's especially infuriating is that, as his father's successor, Laharl is constantly being compared to him, and often unfavorably. Still, some small part of him probably does miss his father, but he doesn't realize it himself, let alone admit it to anyone.

2. Does the character have any siblings? What is/was their relationship like? Nope, only child.

3. Are there other blood relatives to whom he is close? Are there ones he can't stand? Close to? No. Can't stand? Hell yes. His uncle Vesuvio (his father's brother) is an idiot obsessed with his own muscles... but next to his wife, Vesuvio is tolerable. Laharl absolutely cannot stand being anywhere near his aunt Yasurl. She detests him for being half-human and apparently abused him when he stayed with her following his mother's death, to the extent that just the sound of her voice can paralyze him. She's most likely the origin of his aversion to large-breasted women. He also has a pair of twin cousins, Shas and Kira, but at this canon point he hasn't met them yet and doesn't know they exist.

4. Are there other, unrelated people whom he considers part of his family? What are his relationships with them? Etna is like a sister to him, even if he doesn't realize it. He's known Etna his whole life, the two of them fight like siblings, and Etna looks after him... in her own way, sort of. He'd protect her if there were ever a serious need for it, but considers her more than capable of taking care of herself. He was pretty shocked to learn that, in the future, she'd left him to go become an overlord.

5. Who is/was the character's best friend? How did they meet? Laharl doesn't really have a "best friend" per se. Etna is the one he's been closest to most of his life, and recently he's grown very close to Flonne. But she's more of a romantic interest. ...he could probably stand to have some guy friends.

6. Does he have other close friends? We'll put Flonne here. Flonne is... different. She shares the same beliefs as his mother did, and Laharl is often surprised and very occasionally impressed with how passionately she can defend them. She's more emotional and compassionate than anyone he's been used to, a source of frequent confusion for him. At first he dismissed her as an idiot, and it's true she can be a real airhead, but soon enough he found himself being taken in by the very qualities he claimed to dislike. She's kind, quirky, brave enough to stand her ground against him, and a very devoted friend. She's important to him in ways he doesn't understand, and he's actually started trying to take her feelings into account. There are a lot of things he still won't admit, but he's found he hates upsetting her... so he winds up confusing both of them when he tries to find middle ground there.

7. Does he make friends easily, or does he have trouble getting along with people? The second one. Boy does he ever have trouble getting along with people. He's argumentative, demanding, and easily annoyed. He refuses to make "friends," and whenever he comes anywhere close he insists on that person being his vassal instead. It takes a special kind of person to put up with him enough to be friends.

8. Which does he consider more important: family or friends? His mother still means a lot to him, but he's coming to terms a little better with her being dead. It's a bit of a toss up between her and Flonne for who's most important to him.

9. Is the character single, married, divorced, widowed? Has he been married more than once? Single. But people are starting to pick up on the fact that Flonne is practically his girlfriend. Maybe eventually he'll pick up on it, too.

10. Is he currently in a romantic relationship with someone other than a spouse? Uhh... No?

11. Who was his first crush? Who is his latest? Flonne~

12. What does he look for in a romantic partner? He doesn't look, he stumbles. But, in spite of himself, he likes girls who are kind, and strong-willed. Fair complexions are also a plus.

13. Does the character have children? Grandchildren? If yes, how does he relate to them? If no, does he want any? Sooo not old enough for kids. At the moment he is entirely against the idea of ever having children. He might change his mind in a few millennia.

14. Does he have any rivals or enemies? Yes. He will go out of his way to make them. He had to defeat a lot of demons to claim his position as Overlord, and then there was the invasion of the Netherworld by humans, in which angels were involved. With his recent defeat of Seraph Lamington, though, he's in a position where no one really dares defy him.

15. What is the character's sexual orientation? Where does he fall on the Kinsey scale? Laharl is straight. Very straight, I'd say a 0. However, with his aversion to large-breasted women, people have speculated otherwise.

16. How does he feel about sex? How important is it to him? He'll sometimes tease other people about it, but sex is not something he thinks about in regards to himself. He's just not really old enough, and has too many issues with basic relationships to even go there. He'll probably wind up being sort of shy about it though.

17. What are his turn-ons? Turn-offs? Weird bedroom habits? Um. Safe to say big boobs are a major turn-off. Otherwise let's not go there.

1. Do you know your character's astrological (zodiac of choice) sign? How well does he fit type? He doesn't have an official birthdate. I picked September 13th for him because I thought Virgo fit him from whatever I found on Wiki at the time. This description fits pretty well.

2. Is this character religious, spiritual, both, or neither? How important are these elements in his life? Considering he's the ruler of the Netherworld, he naturally believes in elements resembling the Christian afterlife, but only in the way we believe the Earth exists because we stand on it. He does also believe in God, but doesn't have any particular respect for him.

3. Does this character have a personal code of morals or ethics? If so, how did that begin? What would it take to compromise it? Laharl would say he doesn't have any morals, but he does. He's strayed a lot from what his mother tried to teach him, but never completely managed to disconnect himself from it. He'll be a complete jerk to people, he won't hesitate to seriously injure someone in a fight, and views theft as perfectly acceptable. However, he won't take a life except in extreme situations (if someone murdered Flonne or Etna, for example), he won't pick fights with people he views as too weak to adequately defend themselves, and he won't rob people of their only means of survival. He may also retaliate against an injustice if it's perpetrated against someone he considers a vassal. He'd save a complete stranger from death, but would demand compensation.

4. How does he regard beliefs that differ from his? Is he tolerant, intolerant, curious, indifferent? He will complain about them and insist they're stupid, but he is willing to tolerate them. Like Flonne's, for example.

5. What prejudices does he hold? Are they irrational or does he have a good reason for them? He will put people down a lot for being human, but he doesn't actually see that as a failing, he's just found that it's one of the easiest ways to rile people up. He is, however, very much aware that there are demons in the Netherworld who strongly look down on humans, which is part of why he never mentions his mother was human and strives so much to be the epitome of a demon. For his part, though, he hates everyone equally. Well, mostly. He tends to have even less respect for men, without realizing it. The most important and capable people in his life have been women, and most of his male vassals are kind of inept. Likewise, caring mothers have an easier time of earning his respect.

Daily Life
1. What is the character's financial situation? Is he rich, poor, comfortable, in debt? As King of the Netherworld, he's loaded, and rather than spend any of his money, he pays his vassals by looting from other rich demons.

2. What is his social status? Has this changed over time, and if so, how has the change affected him? He's the highest ranking demon in the Netherworld, and has always enjoyed a high status thanks to his father having been the Overlord before him. His time in Veles was spent without most of those perqs, though there were always at least one or two people there he could get to do his bidding. Still, there are certain things which, as royalty, he remains completely oblivious to. Like how to order at a restaurant.

3. Where does he live? House, apartment, trailer? Is his home his castle or just a place to crash? What condition is it in? Does he share it with others? His home is literally a castle, situated over a lava flow. Its condition... has been known to vary, depending on the temper of its master or what enemies might be attacking. The prinnies fix things up relatively quickly, though. Laharl's room is large, but mostly empty besides his coffin. While he doesn't really like people in his room, the castle itself is home to a number of vassals, and he's used to having them nearby.

4. Besides the basic necessities, what does he spend his money on? He prefers to just steal things when possible, but... primarily video games. Maybe swords.

5. What does he do for a living? Is he good at it? Does he enjoy it, or would he rather be doing something else? He's the Overlord. Um. He's powerful enough, but he's got a long way to go before he's a respected Overlord.

6. What are his interests or hobbies? How does he spend his free time? According to his theme song: staying up late, playing with fire, and laughing maniacally. He also enjoys fighting, video games, television, and long naps.

7. What are his eating habits? Does he skip meals, eat out, drink alcohol, avoid certain foods? He doesn't drink, but otherwise... His eating habits are largely dependant on the willingness of other people to cook for him. He refuses to cook, though he'd probably be a lot better at it than Flonne if he ever bothered. He can eat a lot for someone so tiny, but not enough to rival a hobbit.

Which of the following do you associate with the character, or which is his favorite:

1. Color? Red.
2. Smell? Cooking meat?
3. Time of day? Evening.
4. Season? Summer.
5. Book? Umm...
6. Music? Classical.
7. Place? The Netherworld.
8. Substance? Gold.
9. Plant? Some sort of weed?
10. Animal? Okay I'm just bad at this.

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